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Rewards riders for spending time with their favorite Morgans in a non-competitive environment

Program to start May 1st, of current year
End date October 31st, of current year

Hours can be obtained by:
• Pleasure trail riding
• Time on non-competitive group trail rides or drives.
• Saddle time spent enjoying Morgans

1. Horses must be registered Morgans
2. Rider must be a current CMHA member 
3. A $5.00 fee paid to CMHA to join the program. Hours count after fee is paid.
4. This is an honor-based system, it is up to you to record your hours
5. More than one Morgan can be ridden to obtain hours
6. Rider does not have to own the horse
a. School horses may be used, i.e: for students (as long as the horse is a Morgan)
7. Time spent showing, grooming, and on competitive rides does NOT count.

Log Sheets: 
• All activities must be recorded on log sheets for hours to count
• Horses name must be recorded
• Log sheets are due November 31st 2015
• Awards are based on logged hours
• More than one log sheet may be turned in
• Time records should be kept in hour or half hour increments

• Top (2) two riders with the most hours receive champion and reserve awards at banquet
• Only riders that submit log sheets by the due date will be considered for these awards
  • In addition to yearly high-point awards, cumulative awards will be given for milestones in hours accumulated. Awards are presented after 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 hours.
Rules and Guidelines
Registration Form
Log Sheet

Program modeled from: AMHA’s “Pathway” & Pinto Association’s “On the Trail”






The Connecticut Morgan Horse Association, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the Morgan breed, preserving its history, marketing its versatility and enhancing its profile state wide. The organization is committed to appealing to all levels of involvement for its members and all levels of Morgan performance. 

The CMHA promotes educational activities, programs and events designed to enhance Morgan horse education, use and appreciation. In particular, youth involvement is stressed at all levels. By encouraging social activities and sharing mutual interests in the Morgan horse, its members gain a common bond which helps the organization accomplish its goals