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Do You Feed Nutrena Grain?

Connecticut Morgan Horse Association partnered with Nutrena Feeds last year by joining Nutrena’s Club Support Program.  The club support program offers clubs the opportunity to earn financial support by submitting our grain bag proofs of purchase.

The proofs of purchase are the white tags sewn on the top of the grain bag.  Nutrena products included in the Club Support Program include: Life Design, Vitality, Legacy, Safe Choice, Life Balance, XTN, EnergX, Empower, Triumph Horse Feeds, Horse Kwik, NW Stretch Hay Extender, Naturewise Farmstore Feeds, Cargill Milk Plus, Dairyway/Dairy Focus Feeds, Loyall Pet Food and River Run Dog Food.

Grain bag tags will be sent to Johnna Chenail who has volunteered to organize the tags and fill out the paperwork and return them to Nutrena.  Grain bag tags that are over one year old cannot be redeemed so please send your tags to Johnna in a timely fashion.  If you have any questions you can call Johnna at (860) 663-2495.

CMHA can earn up to 50 cents for every grain tag you submit.  This is a great fundraiser for the club so please send in your tags!

Send Your Grain Bag Tags To: 

Johnna Chenail

Killingworth Equestrian Center

552 North Roast Meat Hill Road

Killingworth, CT, 06419